Kobayashi Kiyoshika

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Bridge and Storehouses - Kobayashi  Kiyoshika

Night Scene of Nihonbashi, c. 1910

Woodblock Print  
10 x 7.5 in

Description: A rarely seen image of a river, bridge and solitary boat in the moonlight.One of 8 "Night Scenes" series of prints by Shima Art Company--an early series of prints designed about the same time as the 21 print "Night Scenes" series issued ca 1910-20 by Hasegawa/Nishinomiya Publisher. designs by Shima



Condition: excellent color state and condition with embossed detail

Signed: in black

Sealed: in red

Special Label: Tiny 'Made in Japan' stamped verso

Publisher: Shima Art Company

Series: Kiyochikas Night Scenes

$ 550.00

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