Hodaka Yoshida

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Crafty God - Hodaka  Yoshida

Festival, 1968

Woodblock Print  
14.25 x 11 in

Description: A lively and vibrant composition of loose, curvilinear and abstract shapes in diamond form: mythology was implicit in most of Hodakas work up to this point. In the Festival and Mythology Landscape Prints, 1966-74, it becomes explicit, both in titles and in the idea that modern culture is driven by its own myths. To express this, Hodaka created his version of Pop Art, which is quite different from what he had seen in 1963 in New York. He sought to unmask the energy, the drumbeat of the modern myth and its impact on society and nature.

Issued: 1968

Edition: 100

Condition: good; slightly soiled

Signed: in pencil

Series: Festival and Mythology Landscape Prints 1966-74

$ 550.00

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