Ishikawa Toraji

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Blue Parrot - Ishikawa  Toraji

Dance Odori, 1934

Woodblock Print  
19 x 15 in

Description: A vivid 1930's dancer, one of the artists most desirable images in the Series, 'Ten Types of Female Nudes'. A fine example in excellent condition with rich bright colors throughout

Issued: 1934-35

Condition: excellent color state and condition with silver metallic ink on the net and mica within margins. Flimsy attached as expected

Canvas Size: 19 x 15 inches, large oban tate

Signed: in black within image

Sealed: Tora, artists watermark lower right

Special Label: Printer Matsuzaki Keisaburo, Carver Kazue Yamagishi

Publisher: Ryoku-oso Gashitsu

Series: Ten Types of Female Nudes