Koichi Maeda

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Path by Lattice Doors - Koichi  Maeda

Path by Lattice Doors, 1998

Woodblock Print  
18.25 x 24 in

Description: Through a traditional village street in Japan, a path leads past woodcraft houses with their multiple latticed and doors, windows and eaves creating a rich fabric of design motifs. Warm colors of browns, grays, white and blue, and above, a canopy of fresh, bright greens; soft tree tops contrast with the geometric forms of houses that line the path and lead our eye up to this burst of color. This print demonstrates Maeda's meticulous use of the woodblock medium in creating fine texture and detail.

Issued: 1998

Edition: 71/80

Condition: fine condition and color

Signed: in pencil Koichi Maeda

Series: artist b. 1936 Tokyo