Paul Jacoulet

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L_Etoile de Cobi Mongole - Paul  Jacoulet

Les Perles, Mandchoukuo, 1950

Woodblock Print  
18.5 x 14.25 in

Description: Dedicated to Queen Julianna of the Netherlands, as part of the Dedication Set. Silver, gold and bronze metallics. Lavender of the gauze, very fugitive, is still preserved in this print, most often faded to pink. This print is a rare fine in this outstanding condition.

Issued: December 28, 1950

Edition: 267/350, fewer than 25 impressions in this edition

Condition: outstanding impression, color and state

Signed: in pencil

Sealed: peach

Special Label: edition seal verso

Carver: Maeda

Printer: Ogawa

Publisher: self published

Series: Miles No. 113

$ 2,600.00

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