Paul Jacoulet

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L_Homme au Sabre Aino_ Hokkaido - Paul  Jacoulet

L'Homme au Sabre Aino, Hokkaido, 1955

Woodblock Print  
19 x 14 in

Description: "This portrait of one of the last Ainu Men illustrated Jacoulet's respect for accuracy in depicting traditional costumes. Note the fanciful carvings of bears on the headband, and Chief's sword, the symbol of the area." ~Miles, p. 121

Issued: November 1955

Edition: one edition of 350, 250 impressions, fewer than 60

Condition: outstanding color, state and condition

Signed: in black ink

Sealed: peony, PJ elaborate seal verso

Carver: Maeda

Printer: Honda

Publisher: self published

Series: Hokkaido, Miles No. 143