Paul Jacoulet

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Fumees de Santal _ Mandchoukuo - Paul  Jacoulet

Fumees de Santal , Mandchoukuo, 1948

Woodblock Print  
14.5 x 19.25 in

Description: An very fine sheet of this lovely image, considered on of the artist's finest Yoko-e compositions. The sandalwood fumes rising from the incense burner are blind-printed; the traditional 'gauffrage' on the brilliantly composed gown is one of his best effects in combination with the pale grey and blue tile that seems as soft as a pillow. The grey smoke of the burning sandalwood undulates in 'gauffrage' from the Ch'ing dynasty incense burner.

Issued: December 25, 1948

Condition: outstanding color state and condition This Print is in its original presentation folder, never framed

Signed: in pencil

Sealed: Mitsu-Tomoe

Special Label: PJ Elaborate seal verso

Carver: Maeda

Printer: Onodera

Publisher: self published

Series: Manchuria