Paul Jacoulet

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Les Aristoloches Geants_ Tonando_ Celebes - Paul  Jacoulet

Les Aristoloches Geants, Tonando, Celebes, 1953

Woodblock Print  
18.5 x 14 in

Description: This is one of the artists strongest female portraits, with colors that seem indestructible (Miles). There were only 100 impressions made of this image out of the edition of 350, contributing to its rarity.

Issued: 1953

Edition: 83/350

Condition: very fine, colors are bright and clear, lightly toned at edges of margins and edges verso, Silver metallic background intact throughout

Signed: in pencil

Sealed: peony

Carver: Maeda

Printer: Onodera

Series: Miles No. 129