Paul Jacoulet

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Le Mandarin aux Lunettes Mandchoukuo - Paul  Jacoulet

Le Mandarin aux Lunettes Mandchoukuo, 1950

Woodblock Print  
18.5 x 14.25 in

Description: A highly detailed image, too costly to produce in the 1930's when initially designed. The background is enhanced with silver filigree in the form of birds and flowers. Miles notes that, "This imposing portrait is the equivalent in technical complexity of Les Perles and L'Etoille de Gobi. The Mandarin's sleeve is printed in three shades of grey, with urushi strips and silver metallics. Note the mica of the lenses, made by using crushed pink pearls." Also gold and bronze metallics.

Issued: 1950

Edition: 129/150, first edition

Condition: very fine, with beautiful detail and rich color throughout

Signed: in pencil

Sealed: red Mandarin duck, carver and printer seals right margin

Special Label: PJ watermark

Publisher: self published

Series: Mandchoukuo

$ 2,200.00

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