Paul Jacoulet

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Tempete Du Coeur - Paul  Jacoulet

Tempete Du Coeur, 1948

Woodblock Print  
14.25 x 18.5 in

Description: A vague sense of dissatisfaction is expressed on the pearly pink face of the lady as she considers the man she is to marry. Considered to be one of Jacoulet's finest pale grey mica backgrounds. The skirt is shaded with a very pale blue grey, the blouse is double printed with gofun, silver metallic designs, and pale green shading.

Issued: August 1948

Condition: outstanding color, state and condition; the print is in in its original presentation folder, never framed

Signed: in pencil

Sealed: ivy

Special Label: PJ elaborate seal verso

Carver: Maeda

Printer: Honda

Publisher: self published

Series: Coree / Korea