Kiyoshi Saito

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Aizu Yanaizu Autumn Fukushima - Kiyoshi  Saito

Aizu Yanaizu Autumn Fukushima, 1965

Woodblock Print  
23.5 x 18 in

Description: A profile of a Monk in contemplation amidst a garden of red and blue flowers. The artist has emphasized the figures face with a light shade of grey adding to the mood of serenity and peace which pervades this rare Print.

Issued: 1965

Edition: 14/100

Condition: very fine color state and condition; light mat line within margin, and a few tape remains at edges verso

Signed: in white: Kiyoshi Saito

Sealed: in red

Watermark: Kiyoshi Saito left margin

Publisher: self published

Series: Aizu Yanaizu

$ 2,800.00

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