Jun-Ichiro Sekino

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Ainu Patterns (Ainu Moyo) - Jun-Ichiro  Sekino

Ainu Patterns (Ainu Moyo), 1982

Woodblock Print  
30.75 x 21.625 in

Description: The bold, bright patterns of the young woman's dress blend seamlessly into the background design, but before this screen, the Ainu girl is shown slightly off-center, lending an air of immediacy and focus to her attentive expression. Her hands are carefully placed over each other; she appears aware of her role in a ceremonious occasion Accents of bright blue in headress and beads, add lively highlights to the fine, bright color of this arresting image

Issued: 1982

Signed: in pencil

Sealed: in red

Special Label: watermark Jun Sekino

Series: Plate No. 785-Sumio Kuwabara-The Print World of Sekino Jun'chiro