Jun-Ichiro Sekino

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Shiko Munakata - Jun-Ichiro  Sekino

Shiko Munakata, 1968

Woodblock Print  
30.25 x 25.25 in

Description: Extraordinary, rare, large Portrait Print of the famous Artist, Shiko Munakata "Sekino captures the dynamic and tempestuous artist, Munakata, at a time when old age has mellowed him. Still vital, still surging with energy, Manakata peers out at the word with benign interest. In the background are two of Munakata's famous 'rankan' from his 'Ten Great Disciples of Buddha' series."- George Kuwayama, Los Angeles Museum of Art, 1972 The Prints of Jun'chiro Sekino, Sumio Kuwabara, 145

Issued: 1968

Signed: in pencil

Sealed: in red